Data Maintenance Pricing


IMPORTANT: This documentation can contain functionality from SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks by Vistex, SAP Incentives Administration by Vistex, and SAP Data Maintenance for ERP by Vistex.


Gaining visibility of the complex pricing scenarios that exist for customers, manufacturers, and suppliers can be quite challenging. Inaccuracy and inconsistency of pricing data may result in the potential loss of revenue and margins. Transaction pricing is undeniably one of the most critical levers you can use to gain competitive advantages in today's marketplace. A company must be able to pro-actively focus on the maintenance of pricing and agreements. To keep up with corporate compliance, it is vital to enforce pricing policies. Pricing management also enables an organization to close more deals and gain visibility into profit performance.

Recent studies have shown that organizations that implement a pricing solution by replacing cumbersome processes with a system that brings transaction pricing, agreements, and analytics into a uniform, integrated view will significantly increase their business performance and improve revenues and margins.


Embedded into your SAP environment, SAP Data Maintenance (DM) Pricing for ERP by Vistex addresses the ease and visibility needed for efficient management and consistent execution of pricing transactions and agreements. DM Pricing also provides a pricing analytic tool for analysis, modeling, and "what-if" scenario testing to generate potential pricing scenarios. The manageability of the pricing dynamics in DM Pricing is largely due to a function that enables the creation of pricing maintenance profiles that bring together related pricing elements for quicker and deeper insights into your pricing data. You will see improved processes and workflow, a comprehensive, convenient view for pricing execution and maintenance, and the necessary analytic tools to generate more profitable deals while maintaining compliance of your organization's pricing policies.

Vistex also includes powerful global tools such as dynamic pricing Dynamic pricing is a Vistex solution to the limitation of available number of condition tables in standard SAP. This allows tables to be created without IT involvement. These tables are then used in access sequences and assigned to condition types. (behind the scenes configured price grouping) and flexible groups (no configuration required workbench format that allows for grouping and exclusions by customer group, material group, industry, and so on) for determining eligibility for pricing. Virtually any grouping is possible. With these tools wasteful data entry is eliminated or streamlined as the created groups may be used time and again and no permanent system tables, condition records keys, or structures are required.